Strategi Pengajaran “Berbicara (Speaking)” Bahasa Inggris pada Siswa SMA

  • Wulan Yulian Anggini Universitas Indraprasta PGRI
  • Mulyadi Mulyadi Universitas Indraprasta PGRI


The ability to speak in English is still minimal among students in Indonesia, while students have learned from kindergarten to tertiary institutions. Things that invite some questions, things that can happen. This study aims to describe the English language strategy on speaking ability, describe the ability of high school students in speaking English. The sample of this study was taken in class XII students of Cibinong High School Java - West, with qualitative methods. Researchers interviewed teachers and students in the process of learning English. The results revealed about finding out if the social strategy implemented by the teacher is very important in making students speak English in daily life. Students not only speak English, only learn English, they can also speak English easily, only speak in conversation, both in class and outside of class. Middle class students who discuss social strategy questions that have been familiarized by their teachers and the general abilities of high school students in class XII are quite good.

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Anggini, W., & Mulyadi, M. (2020). Strategi Pengajaran “Berbicara (Speaking)” Bahasa Inggris pada Siswa SMA. JURNAL ILMIAH WAHANA PENDIDIKAN, 6(2), 52-57.